Cara Tosh

Oh my God, we're actually frothing for Cara Delevingne atm, and we're totally loving how EVERYWHERE she is. Here's our round up of our favourite bits of Cara coverage (Caroverage?), plucked from recent articles such as 10 Reasons Why We Love Cara Delevingne, 14 Reasons We Love Cara Delevingne, 10 Reasons to Love Cara Delevingne and Cara Delevingne's Insane Faces That We Love.

1. "BEANIE HATS: Along with onesies, Cara has a great affection for beanies and is rarely spotted without one atop of her pretty head." Marie Claire
She wears a beanie, guys. A BEANIE!!!

Oh my God, ours too.

3. "THERE ARE OVER 1026 REASONS why we love model Cara Delevingne. We don’t have time to count them now ‘cause we’ve got jobs, init, but our number one reason that comes above her eyebrows, the fact she plays the drums, and that she knows what Harry Styles’ leather interiors smell like, is that she puts the most insanely, awesomely, incredibly nuts pictures of herself on Instagram. THEY MAKE OUR LIVES WORTH LIVING." Sugar Scape
TOTALLY with Sugar Scape on this one. Our lives were empts before Cara.

4. "SHE EATS". Marie Claire

5. "EVERYONE LOVES A WOODLAND CRITTER: Well, you have to admit that those big brown eyes have a striking resemblance to a Disney woodland critter, no? Well, that’s certainly the way in which some are referring to her as." Swide 
Is it?

6. "SHE HAS A REALLY COOL SISTER. Having one Delevingne in our lives just isn't enough. So, thank God for Poppy Delevingne, her smolderingly gorgeous older sibling."
Thank God.

7. "COOL CROWD. The model only hangs out with the creme de la creme of the cool Brit hipster set. Think Rita Ora (who Cara calls her 'wifey'), Nick Grimshaw, Alexa Chung, Georgia May Jagger, Coco Sumner and Pixie Geldof. We want to be in Cara's gang." Marie Claire

8. "SHE HAS PERSONALITY" Topman online