Inevitable Tosh

It’s not a journey. 
Every journey ends but we go on. 
The world turns and we turn with it. 
Plans disappear. 
Dreams take over. 
But wherever I go, there you are.
My luck, my fate, my fortune. 
Chanel No5.

When Fashion Tosh first watched Brad Pitt’s new Chanel No5 advert, we were confused. We’d never known Chanel (or any other of the Parisian giants, for that matter) to take themselves too seriously – their campaigns are usually so free from pretension, so substance-over-style, so genuinely thought-provoking.

But then, after we watched the advert a further 20,000 times, we realised that it’s actually mind-bendingly profound. Because if you think about it, the world does turn, and we do turn with it. And if we looked deep inside, we’d all have to admit that when plans disappear, dreams do take over.

As for Brad’s delivery, at first we thought it was a little GCSE-drama, but then we realised that his middle-distance stares, am-dram pauses and contrived diction, were a deliberate conveyance of us mortals’ sheer inarticulacy in the face of sublime, in the face of Chanel. And we were touched to the very quick.