Creationist Tosh

"And God created woman. Behold! The all-woman woman enters fashion as designers enhance breasts, hips and waists…”
(Vogue, September 2010, p.270.)

Has she really just entered fashion? Or has she been holed up in the green room quaffing mint juleps for decades? Her last big 'entrance' was Vogue’s 2006 September issue, ‘The New Womanly Allure’, before that she appeared in the March 2004 edition, 'The New Femininity'. Now they're wheeling her out for 2010’s September issue and calling it 'creation'. They giv
e her the same pep talk every season whilst they rub her legs to try to get the blood circulating: ‘Okay, sweetie you know the drill, just try to act fresh and you’ll be fine'. Then they dust her down, clothes-peg her cheek-fat behind her neck and wheel her in to a fanfare of too-loud trumpets. Behold! Vogue says, behold.