Alphabetical Tosh

'Confused by chinchilly? Bamboozled by zebra? Don't panic. Just read our guide to the latest fashion lingo'. A vocabulary lesson from Vogue...

'Dégagé: The pose to adopt now. It's a slightly disengaged stance that suggests you have a cool aloofness and interesting perspective on the world.'
We really haven't been putting enough work into our nonchalance.

'Gold: There was a gold rush at the couture shows.'
G-O-L-D. Got it. Thanks.

'Quantifiable: Used to justify a purchase instead of the tired price-per-wear equation. e.g. In terms of the happiness this Dior python toque brings to my soul, in terms of the admiration that I will garner, the purchase is utterly quantifiable'.
Considering the coveted Python pork-pie costs £855 and there is no conceivable occasion at which you wouldn't look like a complete wanker wearing one, it's a good job the old scaly toque doesn't rely on the 'tired' price-per-wear equation.

(Extracts taken from Vogue, December 2009, p.71-72.)